podvodné e-maily, na které je lepší nereagovat

Mr. Peter Mabenju Esq
Pretoria South Africa
Reply to: petermabenju@gmail.com

podvodné e-maily, na které je lepší nereagovat

podvodné e-maily, na které je lepší nereagovat

Attn. Sir/Ma.

I am Mr. Peter Mabenju Esq, an expert in corporate and legal claims; I am contacting you in regards to a deceased client of mine who died as a result of old age at 83. He was a client from United Kingdom (UK) who was operating a Gold and Diamond mining company here in South Africa.

Before his death, my client made number of deposits totaling $71,900,000 (Seventy One Million Nine hundred Thousand United States Dollars) with a bank here in South Africa. While opening this secret account, my client did not indicate anyone as his Next of Kin and documentations regarding this account indicate that claims can only be made by his business partner, relative or family member.

Unfortunately he had no WILL at the time of his death and did not indicate any one in particular as the Next of Kin. All efforts made revealed no link to any of his family member.

However, the new African Union law of succession/claims/fund indicates duration in which such claims could be tolerated. The bank holding this money have mandated me as the lawyer to the deceased to present the Next of Kin or a relative who will claim the funds and failure to respond to this ultimatum would legally allow the financial institute to report this funds to the Reserve Bank of South Africa as unclaimed funds.

I have put in place all necessary requirements concerning the release of this funds and it is my intention to introduce this opportunity to you as the beneficiary. Please note that I’m legally equipped with all necessary information/documentations concerning this fund to present you as my client’s Next of Kin so that the funds valued at $71,900,000.00 can be paid to you.

Upon your decision of acceptance, I would process the release of these funds to your possession; you would be entitled to 40% of the said funds and 60% for me. For security reasons, I have decided not to add more information into this letter, but immediately you get in touch with me, I would be able to inform you on how this could be concluded.

If you can assist me in this project, email me back immediately with your full name, contact telephone number, your address and occupation. This requested information will be used to obtain all legal documents in your name as the Next of Kin to my late client to enable the bank approve you as the final recipient of the unclaimed funds.

For time difference and confidential reasons, I strongly advise that you firstly contact me via email and we will take it up from there. Its‘ been my wish to have an investment outside my country, so this is an opportunity for me to invest my share of these funds in your country.

In conclusion, it’s my concern to demand your ultimate honesty, co-operation and confidentiality to enable us conclude this transaction. I GUARANTEE that this process would be executed under a legitimate arrangement that would legally protect you from any breech of Law and within five (5) working days.

Please email me back using this email only: petermabenju@gmail.com

Mr. Peter Mabenju Esq

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