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From: Marinusha Marinushka [mailto:ay.lv.1016@docomo.ne.jp]
Sent: Wednesday, March 21, 2018 7:22 AM
To: mrfixitcliff@gmail.com
Subject: Hello

Greetings. If I make out you well, you dig for for familiarity and the serious contact, also as well as I am seek of it. I’m right? If it is correctly, I ask to you return to me and it will be connote that you takeaninterestin in me. I don’t know that to write you now, after all I am not sure, whether you will compose to me and whether in general there are you in search of the love. So I won’t write you a lot about myself. If you reply, I will write to you surely and I will write to you more about myself. surely, it is difficult to write the first woman and prelude familiarity it is probably not aright.. But after all it is the Internet and even if you won’t became interested in me, anything bad doesn’t befall.. I’m right? But I am optimist and I will watch for your writting. Because you interested me and I would like to ken to you better. And who knows, this rejoin the first step to our dream is possible that, namely to find the half. I don’t wit you and I have small doubts so I wish to tell you at once that I treat acquaintance seriously and I supplicate you belongs also. Because I ken that some write only for the sake of entertainments and to have a good time. If you from these people, I ask not to compose me. But I have feeling that you are the serious man and that you will make out that I write in this letter and that I look for. I’m right? I will close and I will hope that you will compose to me. By the way my name is Marinusya,

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