Winter and snow

Winter and snow in the mountains attract many sport lovers. In spite of progress in avalanche avoidance the statistic numbers of injuries with fatal consequences are annually rising. We do not want to moralize or to preach in our film. We’re trying to figure out what drives a man to adrenaline experiences despite the fact he sails close to the wind. The film is about people who somehow got into mortal danger caused by winter elements. Why are they willing to travel hundreds of kilometers to risk their lives? We open up to the world of freeride skiers, snowboarders, mountain climbers, but also people who work for mountain rescue, or at the Centre for avalanche danger. The movie is filmed in an attractive way. The images are chosen to stress the atmospheric majesty of the mountains. We choose them really precisely. We climbed up to couloirs and places where all the tragedy occurred. Camera work consists of hours of waiting for the right light conditions and atmosphere. The amount of time-lapse sequences and aerial shots that are inserted into the story, only gives this work a hallmark of truly extraordinary spectacle. A method of recording and the form of „White Embrace“ is not selected at random. We want the film to attract the widest audience.

We want our audience to learn through attractive images how to behave if they were in the position in which their life is in play. We are not wishing anyone anything bad. But maybe thanks to this piece, they manage to stay alive.

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